This clan is inactive and unknown to be moving to Toontown Rewritten.Edit

Welcome to the Anti-Cog Congress!Edit

Sure, we are your average clan. No, wait, take that back. We are your Un- Average clan. We do operations that not many other toons risk. Our main activities are storming SBHQ and keeping on defeating the vp, and undertaking MAJOR defeats of cogs, and, of course, helping each others with our toontasks. 


The CEO (clan leader) - Wacky Snorkelwoof.

The FH -  Sherriff Flappy Electroknees. The FH is the position used to operate the headquarters, and keep all the members in their friends list.

The positions of President of the board, Vice President of the board, and Chairman of the board, will be given to the first three people to sign up. The next 26 people after that will be given First Period membership. They will mostly travel with the administrators. After that, there will be space for twenty members. These members will be given Second Period membership.


You must be 52 laff or above, and must have at least the Whole Cream Pie gag in the throw track, and Fire Hose in the squirt track. You must have at least two other gag tracks, although there is not a rule on which gags you must have on those. Also, one of those two other gag tracks MUST be Toon Up. You must also have your Sell Bot Suit. To join, send an email to about joining the Congress. I will send you an email as to whether you have been accepted or not. Also, operations will not start until the end of july, but you can pre-register as of now.


  • Coalition of Taxi Toons, a group that helps you get into nutty river!
  • Toon Hall, a forum to talk about toontown!

Once again, thank you, please join, and have a zany day! Thanks, Wacky snorkelwoof, toon master.