Bee Clan Of Toontown!

Hello, new bees and old bees! My name is Bee, and I lead The Bee Clan :)!

Our motto is, "Bee heard, bee strong, bee proud!"

Join us today!

Look for us in Toon Valley TTC, Nutty River, DDL, Loopy Harbor, any playground!


  • New Toon Required:

We accept anybody to join our clan! Members, nonmembers, boys, girls, etc!

Size:Short or second setting up to short size!

Color: Yellow or sienna body and head, and any color feet.

Clothes: Make your style unique! Dress up your bee in a color that fits its name and personality:)

Name: Bee in name or Bee after name, like

_____ Bee (Example: Sugared Bee)

or Bee ______ (Example: Bee Kind)

Now you might ask, what does the Bee Clan do?


-Swarm (random advertising)





-Make tons of videos :D




-Attend Bean Fests

-River Rides

-Pretend Shops

-Have fun and bee unique! Were the first of our kind!-

Some simple guidlelines are to:

-Bee nice to everyone, even if they arent in the Clan

-Tell a co or me if somethings buzzing up

-Do NOT bully or get into a fight

2013 Reopening!

The Bee Clan is reopening. Bee sadly deleted, but she will be back soon for another wonderful season of fun!