How to become a taxi driver member.Edit

First email the owner at Put the subject as HIRE ME Put your regular toons name, its laff, and its highest gag of the throw track. Nothing else is necessary. I will email you to notify if you have been hired or not. If you break any of the rules, shown below, you will be kicked out of the coallition. Create 2 non- member accounts. DO NOT GIVE IT A MEMBERSHIP, IT WILL BE A WASTE OF MONEY CAUSE THOSE ACCS ARE SPECIFICALLY FOR THE COALITION. The toon's name MUST be something pertaining to taxis, like "Taxi" or "Taxi Driver." Also, look up on You Tube for Stay in Nutty river WITHOUT Hacking. Use that method, and keep one of the taxi toons in your home in Nutty River. The second Taxi Driver Toon should be located at the Toontown Central Playground or the Donalds Dreamland playground. Ask for people who want to get a ride, and ask them to add you. You may play on your normal toon while you are looking for riders, but check back every minute or two for the toons who want to take a ride. Tell the toons in a THOUGHT, NOT CHAT bubble, that you are a taxi toon, and they should add you if they want to hitch a ride. Then, teleport to your toon in Nutty River. Let them teleport to you, then teleport to Crazy Grove again. Remember to get up early in the morning to get in Nutty River. If you do not get in nutty river, seek the help of other taxis in Crazy Grove.