The Cogcrushersare a group of toons who are advanced in cog crushing. This group was formed by Flippers, admin of the ToonTown wiki, on August 5, 2009. Since then the group has gained many members and is still accepting more. Here's how to join:

1. Go to your user page

2. Click edit page

3. Write "Cogbuster" at the top

4. Next time you log into ToonTown you will be a Cogbuster!

Because Flippers is very busy, we have generals. A general is a person with 100+ laff that will subsitute when Flippers is not around. If Flippers come back, generals shall be helpers. For example, if a toon gets lost, the general will find the toon and escort him/her to the operation. Next up are captains. Captains are people with 60 to 99 laff. They serve as 2nd in charge when a general is there. If Flippers comes, Flippers will be in charge, generals become 2nd in charge, and captains become 3rd in charge. Please spread this message around to increase our member amount.