Dragonfly Clan

Dragonfly Clan is an upcoming clan by me, our meeting place will be at Toon Valley. In order to create a Dragonfly you must follow these steps to make one! Your instructions are at the bottom so good-luck! ( Tip : There are rules in this clan, you better follow them or else you will be kicked out. ;D ) Dragonfly Clan coming soon it opens on Tuesday Feburary 22, 2011!

Instructions to create your very own Dragonfly..!Edit

Here are your steps to creating a dragonfly.

Step 1 : You can be a boy or girl

Step 2 : Be a cat-like species please.

Step 3 : Any colors for your dragonfly

Step 4 : pick any clothes you want! I don't care.

Step 5 : Name your dragonfly anything you want! For example : Lonely Dragonfly, Fearless Dragonfly, Naive Dragonfly, Smarty Dragonfly, and Naive Dragonfly

List of members in Dragonfly ClanEdit

Dragonfly ( leader )

Rules of Dragonfly ClanEdit

1. Don't argue with your fellow members! Respect them.

2. No dating, because if we see it we'll warn you.

3. You can fly to any place! Be free to go around.

4. No dragonflies ever get behind! If there's a new dragonfly tell me and i'll befriend them.

5. Please don't cuss, if we see cussing. Tell me or a member and we will report the problem!

6. If someone gets injured help them out! We're a teamworking clan..

7. Don't use third party programs! You'll be in trouble!

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