Mmkay... Leader is: Vampire - bluestardied

Co-Leader: ChampionPoodlexDD - Fearless Moonlight Ninjah ( Or something else if it gets rejected.. )

Saved names for members: Fearless Night Shadow - destruxtion16 Fearless Kitty Kit Kat - " " Fearless Skylight - flowkit Fearless Fame - xiMuffinzx3 Fearless Janelle - ToonTownSong89 Fearless Eclipse - toontow132 Fearless Moonrise - xWildkittenx Fearless Warrior - gamer67able Fearless Lullaby - Soymilk0 Fearless Shadow Cat - MsFriendsfriends Fearless Kitten - jillircks Fearless Dreams - Lilmissfluffyful Fearless Magic - UnderDog2x2 Fearless Moonlight - xXxSpotyRocksxXx Fearless Nescence or Fearless Missings - FoxMoviePrviews Fearless Breeze or Fearless Raven - Flubberducks2 Fearless Heart - SmartyIsTheParty

    • This is a BLACK CAT clan! **

We are waiting until Halloween for the real opening! :) You do NOT HAVE to have " Fearless " in the name; BUT I highly suggest to do so. So, I can indicate your in the clan lol. But just as the Leader she doesnt sooo yah lol. I didnt want to be the Leader of this clan so I let my friend do so :) Since I know she loves being Leader lol.

You do not HAVE to get out of TTC at a certain amount of time. BUT No more than a month of being in TTC working tasks. You CAN be an UBER if you would like! Rules: NO BEING MEAN! Plz work on your toon every SO Often. Dont leave any members out of what your doing! Unless you have to... then say Please leave I need to do this alone or something lol... Dont EVER EVER! report a member unless theres a REASONABLE explanation... Etc.. :)

Thats it for now.. CYA ON HALLOWEEN PPL!

    • PUT YOUR SAVE NAME YOU WANT IN THE COMMENT SO I CAN POST IT!! ** thanks for joining 15:36, December 23, 2011 (UTC) toontowBLackcatclansarahSullivan
      Toontown Fearless Black Cat Clan

      Toontown Fearless Black Cat Clan