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Hello! The Free Toons Clan is a clan made by Loving77 A.K.A Penny and Flower1470 A.K.A. Lily Butterfly. ANY TOON CAN JOIN!!! You DO NOT have to make a new toon. We have been to many clans and ALL of them need you to make a toon. We just couldn't do that, so we couldn't join. That has changed! Any toon, whether it's a short bunny with 17 Laff, or a tall dog with 100 Laff, is able to join.


Before we start, let us go over the rules:

  1. No name calling.
  2. Penny and Lily Butterfly are the only leaders.
  3. Everyone who joins the clan MUST come to a welcome meeting [if you do not, you will not be part of the group].
  4. Everyone who joins the clan MUST come to a regular meeting every week. If you can't, please let one of us know ASAP.
  5. If you are deleted, do not harass us. We do things for the good of the clan. You may ask to re-join.


Now that you know the rules, let us tell you about our meetings.

Welcome meetingEdit

Welcome Meetings are when you can join the Clan. Here's how: Almost every day, we will be in Toon Valley. We're hoping to be there at after 2:30 (EST). There, you can have your welcome meeting. We can make arrangements to have a separate meeting.

Regular MeetingsEdit

Regular Meetings are when we actually do something, a game show, helping with Toontasks, or something like that. The meetings are as follows: Monday: 4:00; Tuesday: 4:00; Thursday: 4:00; Friday: 4:00; Saturday: 1:00. Note: We do not have meetings on Wednesday and Sunday. All times are in EST.


Lily Butterfly (Leader)

Penny (Leader)


We use lots of abbreviations in this clan; so that no one is left in the dark, here's the most common ones:

LOL = Laughing out loud

BRB = Be right back

TT = Toontown

TTC = Toontown Central

MML = Minnie's Melodyland

DDL = Donald's Dreamland

BBL = Be back later

ROFL = Rolling on floor laughing

CD = Closet dodge

PPL = People

BTW = By the way

FYI = For your information

NP = No problem

TY = Thank you

TYVM = Thank you very much

IK = I know

IK R? I know, right

Del = Delete

OK = Okay

MT = Me too

Thx = Thanks

NVM = Nevermind

GTG or G2G = Got to go

W8 = Wait

R = Are

U = You

Contact UsEdit

If you would like any more information, or would like to make a separate Welcome Meeting, please select one of the following pages, from fastest response to the slowest response:

User Talk:Flower1470 (ToonTown Wiki)

User talk:Flower1470

User Talk:Loving77 (ToonTown Wiki)


Hiiii!! I very much want to join this clan, I dont have an account right now, not planning to make one anytime soon :)

I'd actually LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE to join on some of my toons :).

These are the toons I want to join on:

Black Beauty (25 :Laff) (Short) (Black cat) (Only throw and squirt)

Fox (15 Laff) (Orange head arms, Brown legs) (Only starter gags) (Medium)

Midnight Meow (15 Laff) (Medium) (Black Cat) (Starter Gags)

Uhhmmm please post a time we could meet :D. Okay bye <3 ~BeautyxFoxehhxMiddy