The Halloween Clan is a group that only recruits during Halloween. The people a black cats. To join you have to have a name that is has to do with Halloween ( ex: Pumpkin, Ghost, Ect. ), you have to be orange, purple, or black. Our motto is " Boo! It's the Halloween Clan!! "


Server : Welcome Valley

Territory : Bossbot Golf Course


King of Halloween : King

Vampire : Elite Guard

Werewolf : Sentinels

Ghouls: Fighters

Ghosts: Spies

Pumpkins : Guards

Trick Or Treaters: Entertainers for the King

Candy : Blacksmiths or Basic Warriors


Anything Halloween - ish ( Black, Purple, Orange or Halloween Costumes )


Leaf Clan

Cheese Clan

Fox Clan

Black Cat Clan


Thorn Clan

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