Happy clan is a clan that is one of the first clans to allow any toons from any size color and type! Toontown Happy Clan is around 2008 and started because other clans did not allow other types of toons other than cats to join there clan ( I'll not name clans that were unfair ). Happy Clan was taken down in 2012, Mr. Happy was the last leader to lead the Happy Clan. Mr. Happy, Tate, and Aaron are famous for being Happy Clan members and used to protest against Rainbow  and one of the first clanst to start the Leaf Clan Rebornation(the old leader of L.E.A.F. Clan). They were the first toontown clan known to use and a website domain name for a toontown clan. The Happy Clan HQ was somewhere in Toon Valley or Silly Valley in a building on Loopy Lane.

The Happy Clan stand for:



Peaceful (the protest against the Leaf Clan Leader was peaceful as possible)


YAY clan

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