McNugget Clan

McNugget Clan was a fairly small clan that never got many members, but had an interesting backstory. It all started when Big Chester Rhinoboom, wanted to become twins with a light blue dog. They decided to use a brown cat named McNugget, and soon they got  more twins. The "group" was up to 6 members by that time, and soon, things got crazy.

Chair Nugget (Big Chester Rhinoboom) got into a fight with the twin nugget, (the light blue dog) on ownership. The dog claimed to be the rightful owner and said that Chair Nugget was a fraud.

All the other nuggets were left watching them fight for about 20 minutes over ownership. Soon the dog gave up, and Big Chester Rhinoboom had taken his rightful place, as owner.

This is were it all began. Chair Nugget ( I'll just call him CN now, ) invited some of his friends to the clan. And soon it was up to 8 members. 3 members in the clan invented a catch phrase: NUGGET POWER!! Which was commonly used while they fought cogs and what not.

McNugget Clan had lots of fun in its time, roleplaying, trolley-ing...

But one day, the clan fell apart. No one ever got on anymore, and Chair Nugget retired, and only plays on his main now: Big Chester Rhinoboom.

The Official Member List of McNugget Clan

Chair Nugget ( Owner )

Pokemon Nugget ( Clown )

Polly Nugget ( Favorite )

The rest of the nuggets are unknown.