Welcome to the Snow cone clan page! Heres how to join:

make a cat

any color

any shape

must have "Snowcone" in name

meet me in toon valley, everyday at 3-5PM

NOTE: You must b a member! we work to get laff. When a good number 10+ clan members reach 55+ life and have toonup, we will do VP! you must have toonup and at least 55 laff points to join in on VP. Fact : Clan is still active. (Incredible Hulk)


only i can add members unless i say you can

dont make fun of members. EVER.

have fun.

there can only b one Leader, ME


name examples:

that one snow cone [taken]

cute snow cone

purple snow cone[taken]

scary but weird snowcone

useless snowcone

red snowcone

blue snowcone

creepy snowcone

candy snowcone

official district: Kooky Grove

This clan may attack yours.

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