Hello! Welcome to the Super Clan! We do lots of fun stuff! Examples: parties, help each other out with tasks and gags, bean fests etc. It's really fun and can help you with the toontown world. The leader is Super Electro Nugget, and the co. leader is Lily Butterfly (she runs the Free Toons Clan). Everyone is allowed to join, all types of toons!


  1. No bullying
  2. Only Super Electro Nugget and Lily Butterfly are the leaders, unless we think someone is worthy enough to be a leader.
  3. No hacking or cheating
  4. You might have to add Lily since Super's friend list is almost full.
  5. If your deleted, don't be mean and just ask to be in the clan again, if you continue to be mean, we might have to report you.
  6. There shall be NO WARS WITH OTHER CLANS! Any wars with other clans in this clan results in getting kicked out of the clan.
  7. Try your best and have fun!


We're really sorry, but they will have to be on Fridays. (this might be changed later on) We have EST time, another apology. They will be at 7:00. We meet in Boingy Bay, Toontown Central.



Lily Butterfly

Super Electro Nugget

Contact usEdit

You can always contact us. Talk to us on our talk pages:User talk:Flower1470 or User Talk:Chrisgaff. We might not be able to respond right away, but we will respond.