<u>The Thorn Clan Anthem</u>

We as thorns will fight

Against the Leaf Clan

Destroy our siblings ( Leaf Clan)

And succed with victory

And honor to fellow thorns

The Thorn Clan is run by a dark red cat called Angry Thorn. The Thorn Clan is the evil brother clan of the Leaf Clan. Their territory is Bossbot Country Club. Approach with caution. To join make a dark red cat with an adjective in front of the name Thorn .


Small Bud

Baby Thorn

Dull Thorn

Spiky Thorn

Big Thorn

Huge Thorn

Gigantic Thorn ( One of the Top )

Evil Thorn ( A Co - Leader )

Leader Thorn ( A Leader Like Fierce Thorn )


No Leaves

No Traitors

Only Red Thorns

How To Get Banned From The Clan

If your a spy ( Permanant )

Swearing ( One Week Ban )

Being Mean To Fellow Thorns ( One Week )

Insulting Fierce Thorn & Other Leaders ( One Month )

Going Golfing Without Any Fellow Thorns or Without Premission ( One Day )