The Thunderwig Clan!

The Thunderwig Clan!

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Thunderwig clan rulesEdit

No rude behavior

Be nice to other members

No clan fights

No dark purple dogs

No one can be named tom.


King Huey Thunderwig Bonnie Thunderwig Crazy Candy Thunderwig Precious Thunderwig Pinky Thunderwig Junior Thunderwig Electro Thunderwig Twidle Thunderwig Wierd Roxy Thunderwig Madara Thunderwig Big Bonkers Thunderwig Fangs Thunderwig Blazing Thunderwig Princess Thunderwig Dan Thunderwig Stormy Thunderwig Brightly Colored Thunderwig Party Thunderwig Herbie Thunderwig Bossy Thunderwig Master Thunderwig King Thunderwig Strawberry Thunderwig Blessed Thunderwig Trixie Thunderwig Baby Thunderwig

To joinEdit

any color dog

any shape

any clothes

must have thunderwig in name.