Tie-Dye Nation Membership Procedure 1. Just request group membership via User CP.

2. Please abide by our guidelines below.

Tie-Dye Nation Toon Code of Conduct Please be encouraging and polite to all toons at all TDN events.

We run with toons of all look, size, shape, laff, or gag levels. (Special events or runs may require specific laff, gags, or other criteria.) Uber runs are for ubers unless specifically noted otherwise. Sell ubers should be <50 Laff and have throw and squirt maxed. Cash Ubers should be <85 and have 4 tracks maxed, preferably all tracks.

Please save gag training for buildings, etc. or runs with friends.

Please keep in mind during the cog battles that chat blocks gag choices. Let's be as considerate as possible to our team mates. Try to limit your chat to the situation at hand. :-)

All CFO runs will use the 4X4 Loading Technique. TDN 4X4 CFO Loading Technique

No elevator shuffling. If you're not ready to run, please don't advance up stairs or load on the elevator.

Please don't block the elevator timer. If waiting to load, please step to the side so everyone on the elevator can see the timer.

We run with 6 or more on an elevator unless otherwise decided by current circunstance.

Any problems should be reported by PM to alc127 or SPDB


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